Host your events in the C6Digital Eventverse™

Organizations and individuals around the globe are moving their communications into the future with AI and Web 3.0

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Everything you need for your events.

We offer a way to make your brand come alive and create buzz for your events and products that results in increased interaction and engagement. All of this can happen with our intuitive all-in-one solution for your events. With our help, you can host successful events without having to worry about location and travel planning, or budget limits.

Real Time Events

Host and manage your events with real-time content management.

Networking Features

Attendees with access can share their devices onto virtual screens.

Customized Spaces

We will design beautiful, tailored spaces for your brand and event.

Brand Awareness

Increase user engagement with your content and products.

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The Eventverse™ at a glance.

Engage with your customers, employees, and business partners with our powerful and flexible metaverse platform.

The Eventverse™ is a secure metaverse platform that makes it easy to create unique and engaging experiences and events, including meetings, learning events, product presentations, social gatherings and more.

Direct Access via Browser

Our platform runs on the web with no need to install any software.

Spatial Communication

Attendees interact with avatars, voice chat, and 3D virtual spaces.

Highly Measurable

Keep track of your event with our highly sophisticated analytics tools.

Secure and Trusted

Our cloud rendering technology keeps our event platform secure.

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Check Out The C6Digital Eventverse™

Organizations around the globe are moving their communications into the future with Web 3.0

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An end-to-end platform for running various events, stunning virtual venues amplify user experience, while real-time chat and interaction bring an audience together before, during and after the event.

People, brands, and organizations that are looking to showcase themselves, their brands, or their products in the highest quality makes C6Digital the place where they can achieve their desired experience.

We will Prepare your brand for the new realities of marketing. Enter the world of the metaverse to accelerate brand value through digital innovation. For more information, fill out the form on the side.

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