$CDIG token is a utility token that is the primary currency used throughout the entire  Eventverse ecosystem. The token has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). The tokenomic design associated with $CDIG went through many iterations before the final model was agreed upon by the core team. Our goal was to create a token with multiple utility functions.


All transactions within the C6Digital ecosystem will require $CDIG. Users must acquire the token in order to buy event access tickets, upgraded avatars, NFTs, and other items within the ecosystem. Holding certain benchmark amounts of $CDIG will give its holders access to VIP areas, features, special pricing, and other benefits.


$CDIG is a Utility Token by nature and design, it is a consumptive token that is to be used for our future Metaverse events. The token is a currency specifically made for and used within the C6Digital ecosystem.


Smart Contract Address: 0x74Aa1B8De994239Ae0e1e01BBBeBC7e430E31a88