An innovative approach for a new (virtual) reality 




C6Digital provides an end-to-end platform for running beautiful events. Stunning virtual venues amplify your brand, while real-time chat, 1:1 meetings and live Q&As bring your audience together before, during and after the event.


The benefits to operating virtual events as opposed to in-person events are many. These include: more participants, speakers, and interactions, and less overhead costs as well as a reduction of the impact on our planet. C6Digital is committed to discovering and implementing better ways to operate and manage virtual entertainment events, conferences, town halls, product launches, etc. while keeping that human touch that we all need. 


C6Digital provides its users with a platform for social gatherings ranging from small groups of individuals to large crowds of thousands of attendees. Keynote speakers will be able to join events/conferences without leaving their homes and in-person events will be designed to provide attendees an ultimate experience. 


The Eventverse ecosystem is being built using the most advanced technology in VR, cloud computing, blockchain and the hyper-realistic graphic engine of Unreal 5 for all of our VR events. The environment will contain high-fidelity objects and models to enhance the user experience. 


The hyper-realistic metaverse of C6Digital will be world class when it comes to giving users exceptional virtual experiences. It allows people to do the things they normally do in real life but in an amazingly hyped-up manner. The C6Digital metaverse will be an avenue for immersive experiences that bring value to users in real life. 


Realistic Production 

C6Digital is developing impressive experiences and environments in extended reality (VR & AR) for B2B events, entertainment events, concerts, and more. Transport your audiences into realistic virtual spaces that elevate your brand and create an immersive experience. 


Pro Production 

World-class service to plan, manage and produce your event, with playbooks, contingency planning and daily project plans. Multi-scanned and perfectly post-produced high-quality avatars for AAA games, movies and enterprise use cases


Access and Customization

Your event can be accessed through a subdomain on For Custom events, we can even host your virtual destination on your domain.


Through our avatar customizer, attendees can create their own Avatar based on hundreds of combination possibilities.


Moderation Features

To keep track of the event, event organizers have access to admin tools, which allow them to moderate the event and the participants such as “speaker mode”, “camera mode”, “user lists” etc.


Host and influence your events in real-time by changing the content through screen-sharing or by opening and closing rooms.


Declare upcoming sessions through our announcement feature. Not only can you send push notifications to your attendees, but also give them direct access to specific locations with the push of one button.


Networking Features

To enable presentations inside the metaverse, attendees with the necessary rights can share their desktops onto virtual screens.


Each attendee has a user profile on our platform containing the registration information. These are displayed through a virtual business card. Through their business cards, attendees can add each other to a contact list and start private text conversations.


AI-Powered Articles 

Automatically turn every session into a searchable, interactive article.  Accessible in Real-time captions, foreign subtitles and dubbing for every session. 


Multiple VR Event Venues 

The C6Digital Eventverse™ allows users to host events in multiple VR environments and venues, music and concerts, art and virtual exhibits, and corporate events.