The Metaverse is a limitless landscape that offers endless possibilities; an opportunity to create, transform, and transition value; the next step in the evolution of Blockchain (and the Internet) as a whole. C6Digital is developing a world class events metaverse ecosystem. The platform provides a seamless convergence of our physical and digital lives, creating a unified, virtual community for people to attend business events, social   events, concerts, sporting events, and private meetups. We are using the most advanced technology in AI/VR/ AR, cloud computing, blockchain and graphic engines.


The C6Digital Eventverse™ is an end-to-end platform for running various events, stunning virtual venues amplify user experience, while real-time chat and interaction bring an audience together before, during and after the event. Events can be completely different ranging from a business meeting to an entertainment event with thousands of participants. C6Digital will host separate locations for different types of events without the need to connect with 3rd party providers.


C6Digital has created its own digital currency $CDIG token that will be used as a utility token inside the metaverse ecosystem. All transactions within the C6Digital ecosystem will require $CDIG. Users must acquire the token in order to buy event access tickets, upgraded avatars, NFTs, and other items within the ecosystem. Holding certain benchmark amounts of $CDIG will give its holders access to VIP areas, features, special pricing, and other benefits. The tokenomic design associated with $CDIG went through many iterations before the final model was agreed upon by the core team. Our goal was to create a token with multiple utility functions.


C6Digital strives to be the most realistic platform in the metaverse. Currently, users in the metaverse have only one option for depicting themselves which consists of cartoonish, unrealistic versions of what they truly look like. C6Digital aims to provide its users with alternate, more realistic options of depicting themselves in the metaverse. Our team is committed to showcasing their individualities and distinctiveness.


The metaverse will mean different things to different people. Many will be attracted to the social aspect or gaming, while others will see the opportunity for business, acquisition, and investment. The idea that we will be able to do everything in the metaverse that we do in real life, but without restrictions, allowing you to really expand your mind, will naturally attract every type of person.


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